myCSI - Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSI? How do I pronounce it?

CSI is the abbreviation for Crescendo Summer Institute. We pronounce it as [tschee].

What is myCSI?

myCSI is Crescendo Summer Institute's new application system introduced in 2016.

How to use myCSI?

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How to access myCSI?

There are several options to access myCSI:
  1. on our homepage: click on the  myCSI  icon at the top
  2. in Application menu: click on the red  myCSI  button
  3. in Application menu: click on the photos
  4. on our homepage: click on the  Apply now!  button at the very bottom of the page
  5. click on the link you have been sent in email

What is the difference between registration and application?

Registration to myCSI happens only once, giving your personal data. However application form has to be filled out each year depending on the role you choose for the specific year's Summer Institute.

I have already filled out a myCSI application. Do I have to to it this year again?

We have good news for you. Your registration is still valid, and most of your personal data are saved in the system. However you will have to apply again, because things might have changed since last time, and we would like to have up-to-date information about you.

How do I know what data are missing to have my application 100% ready?

Pages with missing data are indicated with red colour in myCSI. Withing the page, fields with missing data are also indicated with red colour.

Why do I have to submit my application?

The new myCSI application system allows you to work on your application form for as long as you like. However there is a point when you have to finish filling out your application form and submit it. Your application form is valid from this point on.

What if I have to change some data after having submitted my application form?

Certain data can still be changed after having submitted your application form. In case you need to change some data that the system wouldn't allow you to change, pease contact the office using the Message Board.

Were can I see my financial data?

You can see it on Finances page.

When is my Registration fee due?

It should be paid within 8 days from submitting your application form. Please note that your application form will not be valid without your registration fee paid.

Why do I have to type the participant's name in the 'Notes' field upon payment?

The amounts are credited to our foundation's account. Amounts without the participant's name are extremely hard, sometimes impossible to be identified, especially if the amount is transferred by a third person.

How do I know if my Registration fee has arrived?

You'll get a message about the payment on the Message board. You can see the detailed info on Finances page.

How do I learn about the amount I have to pay?

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis. The details will appear on the Finances page.

How do I learn about the scholarship and discounts I have been granted?

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis. Scholarships and discounts will appear on the Finances page.

Can I pay in installments?

You are free to decide whether you want to pay in one lump sum or in installments.

What is the final deadline for paying the fees?

The final deadline is indicated on the Summary and Finnaces pages, available from the moment your participation fee is calculated.

What is early bird deadline?

If you submit your application form latest by early bird deadline, your course fee will be reduced. Pls find details in Application menu, in Fees and options. 

How can I contact the office?

You can simply drop us a line on the Message Board. Or you can email us at

On the Message Board why are some messages printed in black while others are grey?

Personal messages are printed in black, while system generated automatic messages are printed in grey.

On the Message Board why do some messages have a blue background?

These are the messages that have either been written by you or they are automatic system messages related to your activity.