Festival Programs


July 27   Closing concert of Balázs Fülei's Bartók course for pianists

July 29   Crescendo-on-the-Streets   >> click for details

July 31   "Let music belong to everyone!" - Concert in memoriam Zoltán Kodály   >> click for details

Aug 1     Crescendo Faculty Concert

Aug 2     Russian Impressions Concert   >> click for details

Aug 3     Baroque concert

Aug 5     Gala concert I

Aug 6     Gala concert II

Aug 4-6  Section concerts   >> click for details

Lectures on music history:

July 25   Biblical Allusions in Monteverdi’s Orfeo    >> click for details

July 26   Why bother with classical music?   >> click for details

July 28   Kodály's Music Pedagogy and the 21st Century    >> click for details

Aug 1     Problems and rumours surrounding Tchaikovsky’s best work   >> click for details

Further programs:

July 30   Musical service in the Roman Catholic and the Reformed Church

July 29   Creative Church

July 27   About You

Aug 6     Musical service in the Roman Catholic and the Reformed Church


Details, dates and descriptions of Crescendo Festival 2017 are constantly updated.​
Please note that dates and programs may be subject to change.