Fees and Options

Every year CSI grants a significant number of tuition discounts based on talent and financial need.

We encourage all students who would like to take part in CSI to apply regardless of their financial situation.  Every effort will be made to make it possible for all talented students to attend.
Special and limited financial help is available for students coming from countries with poorer economies.

To apply for a scholarship for your tuition fee, check the 'Scholarship' box on myCSI Course info page and follow the instructions. You will need to send a letter of reference from your teacher, a photo, and explain your financial need.

Should you need a social discount on Housing and Food Costs, you can ask for social discount on myCSI Housing and food page. You will be required to give detailed explanation and upload an official document supporting your need (if available).

Financial help is not available for travel costs.

Please note that despite our willing to help, financial aid cannot be guaranteed. 



Registration fee is 20 for students, youth section, choir members and passive participants.

In case of participation the registration fee will be included in the tuition. Otherwise the registration fee is non-refundable.

Registration fee should be sent within 8 days of submitting the application in myCSI.
Please note that application will not be processed before arrival of the registration fee.

There is no registration fee for visitors. However application and check-in on the spot enables them to participate even in some events that are not open to the public.


Please note:
The participation fee to be paid is the sum of Tuition Fee and Housing and Food Costs.


Due to professional reasons applicants are encouraged to take part during the full length of Crescendo Summer Institute.
You can apply for a scholarship for your tuition fee on myCSI Course info page.

Please note that the course fee will be calculated based on the submit date of the myCSI application form.

Tuition fee for instrumental and vocal courses from age 16:
   2 weeks:  445 €
   1 week:    270 €
             Early bird fee - if application is submitted latest by 15 March
             and the registration fee is sent latest by 23 March:

             2 weeks:  395 €
             1 week:    220 €

Tuition fee for youth section between age 12 and 16:
   2 weeks:  200 €
   1 week:    120 €
             Early bird fee - if application is submitted latest by 15 March
             and the registration fee is sent latest by 23 March:
             2 weeks:  175 €

             1 week:      95 €

Tuition fee for members of the choir:
    No tuition fee.
   Due to professional reasons members of the choir can apply for the whole period only.
   Apart from housing and food costs there are no additional fees. Beside participating in the
   work of the choir, members of the choir may also have admittance to any chosen course as
   passive students, and visit all events of CSI.

Passive participation:
   Passive participants have admittance to their chosen section’s certain classes as passive
   students, and they are welcome at Creative Church services, Tune Ins, Candle Lit events
   and concerts.

   Fee:  20 € per day


Housing in dormitory rooms for 3-4 persons, or you can also book individually.

Having our meals together is a great opportunity for fellowship, for teachers and students to get to know each other, therefore having food is obligatory.

All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) are served in the canteen of the dormitory.
Please note that your first meal available will be dinner on the day of your arrival,
your last meal available will be breakfast on the day of your departure.

There will be buffet breakfast in the morning, 2 to 3 dishes at lunch and dinner, and a wide range of salads at lunch and dinner.

Housing costs: (in dormitory rooms for 3-4 persons):
   10 € per night   (special price of 8 € per night under age 14)

Food costs:
   10 € per day   (special price of 8 € per day under age 14)

Students in need may apply for a social discount on myCSI Housing and food page.



All fees and costs are gross amounts.

Applications are processed on an ongoing basis.

You cannot be granted a scholarship unless your feedback of your scholarship letter is sent to us latest by 31 May. You will receive the scholarship letter in e-mail after having submitted your application. Please note: your request will be judged only after the feedback has arrived.

Tuition Fee, Housing and Food Costs may be paid in one lump sum or in installments. Payment deadline is given on the Summary page of your myCSI application form. Please note: Failure to meeting the deadline may lead to the deletion of the application.

If you need an invoice you can either mark your need on myCSI or on the spot latest by 31 July. Invoice will be handed over to you upon checking out from Crescendo Summer Institute. Should you need the invoice before that date, please contact us.



In the event of cancellation, Crescendo Summer Institute will refund the already paid
Tuition, Housing and Food Costs as follows:

For cancellations before June 16 – full refund*
For cancellations between June 16–30 – 80% refund*
For cancellations after June 30 – no refund

*Registration fee is non-refundable.



You may pay via Paypal:
     Send your payment to: office@crescendohungary.org
     Personalized link is located on the Finances page of the myCSI profile.
          Please don’t forget to write your name in the ‘ notes’ field.

You may pay via bank transfer:
     Name of account holder:   Song for the Nations
     Our bank:        Hungarian Foreign Trade Bank (MKB)
     SWIFT code:    MKKB HU HB
     IBAN code:      HU 50 1030 0002 2014 6812 0000 3285
          Please don’t forget to write your name in the ‘transaction detail’ field.

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